Ibercommerce identity

This Corporate Image tries to convey the concept of high technologycombined with ease of use.

Their shapes suggest parts and hardware also suggest for your graphiclayout, links, bridges, ties that Ibercommerce intends to provide to its customers.
The logo combines the abbreviation “Iber” with the word”commerce”, so I’ve decided to create a visual difference in weights inorder to distinguish them, to do so in a way that does not unbalance the logo,I chose a soft tone difference and font style in the “Iber” in bold.
The shape of the mark part of the concept of a stylized key, which areincorporated into the letters “I” and “C”, initials of thecompany, in a dynamic and balanced way because they are in italic form and howthe “C” pierces the shape of “key” background and connectswith the logo and the entire surrounding area.

Four versions of the logo

Which allow us to have an idea of the 18 versions I created.


Stationary/Business cards, Envelope Design.






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even more ( development & concept )

  • Client: Ibercommerce
  • Date: Maio, 2013
  • Services: Graphic Design

Project developed by:

Rui Campos, SaltyLink